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Where Owning Makes More Financial Sense

As home prices and rental costs rise, more consumers are scrutinizing their best financial move: to buy or rent? Re/Max Resources Link:®’s research team analyzed annual median rental costs versus annual median costs of homeownership (including … [Read more...]

Millennials Are Saving More Than You Think

Millennials have been stereotyped as a generation that lacks savings or money management skills. But the data isn’t backing that up. Sixteen percent of millennials ages 23 to 37 have $100,000 or more in savings, which is double the number of young people who had that much stowed away in 2015, a … [Read more...]

4 Pros, 4 Cons of Open Floor Plans

The open floor plan has been popular in many new home designs. Homeowners are showing a desire to have no walls separating the kitchen, dining, and living areas. In fact, 84 percent of new single-family homes have fully or partially open layouts, according to the National Association of Home … [Read more...]

Fannie Offers ‘Healthy Housing’ Incentive

Mortgage financing giant Fannie Mae launched a healthy housing reward initiative that offers financial awards to multifamily borrowers who provide services that improve the health and well-being of tenants living in affordable housing. These services could range from day care and food access to … [Read more...]

How to Buy a House This Year: 5 Tips to Get an Edge

Getty Images; Figuring out how to buy a house is no small feat—particularly since the rules keep on changing. So even if you've bought a home in the past and feel like the process is old hat, watch out: What worked in 2017 might not fly in 2018. It's a whole new real estate world … [Read more...]

Combat the Silent but Deadly Scourge of Bathroom Odor With These 7 Tricks

yipengge/iStock; There’s a reason you shut the door when you go into the bathroom. It’s called privacy.  But unfortunately, closing the door can't always conceal whatever it was you were doing in there. The moment you emerge, there will quite possibly be some telltale signs of … [Read more...]

What the 20 Most Popular Home Renovations Are Really Worth in 2018

Getty Images; Planning to remodel your kitchen, add a master suite, or undertake some other pricey home renovation in 2018? Watch out—not all of these home improvements pay off like they did in the past, according to Remodeling magazine's latest Cost vs. Value Report. For … [Read more...]

7 Small Home Flaws That Can Be Big Deals for Buyers

joebelanger/iStock After living in the same home for a while, it's amazing what you can get used to. A creaky floorboard, for instance. A chipped tile that you've been meaning to replace but haven't gotten around to. A doorknob that needs a little coaxing to turn. No big deal, right? Well, these … [Read more...]

Buying Better Than Renting in 54% of Markets

Despite rising prices, buying a home makes more sense than paying increasingly high rents in more than half of the U.S. Buying a median-priced home is more affordable than renting a three-bedroom property in 240 of 447—or 54 percent—of U.S. counties analyzed, according to a new report released … [Read more...]