Advertising your home for sale to Home-Buyers

Agents advertise homes for the same reasons as a company does. Typically they’ll advertise in classified ads or in specialty magazines featuring homes available for sale.

But as in other types of advertising, these types of ads rarely sell the home because the primary goal of advertising is to amass home-buyers as clients, and to excite sellers with how well their homes are marketed. Occasionally agents actually do sell their own listings through this venue, but not too often.

To get the most benefits in advertising, the listing agent should direct most of their marketing efforts towards other agents and real estate professionals. Since these marketing efforts are more difficult to see, it is often hard to measure how hard an agent is working to sell for you.

Don’t mistake an agent’s effectiveness solely by counting the number, or prominence of newspaper and magazine ads featuring your home.


When the home is first listed agents may send announcements to houses in the neighborhood. This may be done by postcards or flyers. These can be a good source because neighbors might have friends looking to purchase a home.

Social media contacts with other Real Estate professionals is another good source to get your home viewed by other agents who may decide to show the home to their own potential buyers.

These types of announcements generate word of mouth, up front marketing, usually the best kind.



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