Affects of negative media attention on real estate

For instance, when Fannie Mae released their National Housing Survey, DSNews ran an article saying Americans Harbor Glum Outlook for Housing and the Economy. With a title like that, you would think Americans saw both the economy and housing in a free fall.

Housing Market

Although the percentage of Americans who said home prices would ‘go down’ actually went up compared to last month (i.e., to 27% from 24%), the study also showed that sixty-nine percent believe prices would ‘go up’ or ‘stay the same’.

As well, 69% of those surveyed said it is a ‘good time to buy a home’. That percentage is also up three percent from last month.


The survey certainly showed that Americans were troubled by economic conditions. 

The percent of Americans who believe the economy is on the wrong track was 78 percent in August, up from 70 percent in July.

Around eight out of ten surveyed think the economy is going in the wrong direction. That is a gloomier outlook.

In the end

More than two out of three Americans think that prices will remain stable or increase. Over two out of three believe it is a good time to buy. Why is the media telling us that this report shows Americans are glum about the housing market?

So why the media is reporting on this particular survey and saying something other than what is actually being reported?  Your guess is as good as mine.

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