Agency Listings

The Exclusive Right to Sell

An agency “exclusive right to sell” agreement to list and sell your property does not mean that agents from other offices will not try to sell your house. The “exclusive right” agent is simply the listing agent. Their job is to advertise and market your home to other consumers and other agents who work with buyers. Those agents will show your home to their own clients who may be looking to buy. With an “exclusive right to sell,” regardless of who sells the house the listing agency will earn a commission.

For “full service” agencies from an agent and their company, this is likely the only type of listing they will allow. Full service means an agent and agency will advertise your home, place it in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), market the home to others, and hold open houses. This type of agency typically requires outlays of both time and money from your agent.

With an “exclusive right to sell,” the agent anticipates earning a commission when your home sells.  This is why it is the most common type of listing agreement. Obviously, the agent and their company still have to perform (advertise and market) in order to get paid; your home must sell for them to get paid.

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