Averages of 13,000 homes sell per day

To all those who believe the real estate market weakening, you might be surprised that an average of 13,000 homes sell each day.

That is the average number of homes that sell each and every day in this USA according to the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) latest Existing Home Sales Report. NAR reported that sales had increased 7.7% over the month before and 18.6% over the year before. According to the report, annualized sales now stand at 5.03 million. Divide that number by 365 (days in a year) and we can see that, on average, well over 13,000 homes sell every day.

Although these numbers are below the record sold in 2006, it is not too bad considering.  We also know that we may never see those numbers again (and that is probably a good thing). But to say that the current real estate market is dead or that houses are not selling is totally inaccurate. We have over 13,000 pieces of evidence to prove that.

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