Buying a home considering resale value

The Neighborhood 

When looking to buy within your residential neighborhood, you will want nearby homes to be fairly homogeneous, such as alike in style, size, and structure. This does not mean they should all be exactly the same; but for example, a double-wide manufactured home in a residential area with large stately homes, would certainly be something to look at.

Your future home should be located as close to the center of this neighborhood as possible. Avoid the edges. You may not want your property to back or side to a busy street or commercial area. If you are buying a single family home, you do not want your property to border a condominium, apartment complex, business, school, or even a park.

Also make sure the street you buy on is not used as a shortcut between two busier streets. Or do you want to buy a home on a corner lot, as those tend to attract more street traffic and are may not be as safe for young children. Buy in the middle of the block or on a cul-de-sac.

Like we said before, you want your home to be neatly tucked away in the center of your residential neighborhood.

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