Cleaning up Your Credit

Lenders commonly check with 3 credit bureaus to assess your payment histories. In cleaning up your credit, you should do so with each of the three credit bureaus. Cleaning up just ones does not affect the reporting to the others.

 Ask for a Free Copy of Your Credit Report

First you must request a copy of your combined credit reports, which shows all three of the major bureaus, Experian Equifax, and Trans-Union. Most mortgage lenders will obtain information from these bureaus in evaluating your credit history.

 When You Call Your Creditors

Primarily, call any creditors reporting negatively and ask them to remove the questionable item. Do so in nice manner and do not get angry if they first say no. Simply repeat your request in your nice agreeable tone. If you get nowhere, then ask to speak to a supervisor. Make sure you keep notes of all your conversations, noting the date, time, who you spoke to and what they said.

 Ensure Written Confirmation of Agreements

Ask for a letter by mail or fax that indicates the creditor has or will correct the negative data. You may need this letter later. They may not forget to make the changes and with the letter, you can request directly to the credit bureau to make the agreed corrections.

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