First-Time Homebuyers’ Dos and Don’ts

Welcome back to a buyer’s market! It’s been a while since the folks with the mortgage approvals burning a hole in their pockets were in charge of the real estate scene. We’ve seen prices skyrocket beyond all common sense and the rules for many buyers change. Bidding wars, absurd enticements like personal letters-we’ve been seeing everything short of blatant bribery (and I’m sure there’s been some of that, too) from buyers trying to woo sellers.

But things have changed. As the markets around the country have cooled, the buyer is back in command. And if you’re a first-time homebuyer, that means you have more leverage than you’ve had in years to find the home you want at a decent price, if you know what you’re doing. Following are some common sense tips for first-timers that will help you steer your ship in these tricky waters.

Courtesy of Yahoo Real Estate – Article by Kendre Todd
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