Latinas and the Financial Power Shift

According to a recent report published by Nielsen, Latinas have rapidly positioned themselves as

prominent contributors to the educational, economic, and cultural wellbeing of American Society and consumer marketplace”.

The report mentioned that Latinas are outpacing Latino males in their educational pursuits and career development and for first time exceeded non-Hispanic females in college enrollment.

A record seven in ten (73 percent) Hispanic high school female graduates are enrolling in college. This is how the number compares to other groups:

§11 percentage points ahead of Hispanic males (61 percent)

§1 percentage point higher than non-Hispanic females (72 percent)

Latinas in households making $75,000 or more also increased by 5 percent over the past 10 years, showing gains regardless of the recession. Over the past ten years, household income for Latinas 18 years of age and older has also risen out of the lowest income category and is holding position in other income groups among blue and pink collar segments.

With this advanced income and education, a Latina’s ability to invest in long term assets has increased.  

Courtesy of KCM Blog



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