Marketing Your Home with Other Agents – the Multiple Listing Service

Most agents list your property in their local MLS (Multiple Listing Service). The MLS is an extensive database of all the homes listed by local real estate offices and agents who are members of the service.

Essential information about your property is shown here, from square footage and number of rooms, to details such as whether you have central air conditioning, hard wood flooring and electrical amperage of the circuit breaker panel. There are also photos and descriptions of what agent or you believe make your house unique.

Agents search the database for homes that may fit into the price range and needs of other clients. They pay particular attention to homes that have been recently placed on the market, which is one main reason a house gets more attention when first listed.

Most important about having your house listed in the MLS is that you increase your sales opportunities by the number of MLS members. Instead of having one agent, you may have hundreds depending on the size of the MLS membership.

The listing agent’s primary job to make sure that the other members know your house is available. This is accomplished through listing your house in the Multiple Listing Service and advertising targeted toward other agents, not just homebuyers.

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