4 Vacation Home Issues Buyers Should Know

Before purchasing a vacation home, make sure you are ready for the responsibilities of owning a second property. “Costs of owning and renting a vacation home can be very high,” says Todd Huettner, owner of Denver-based lending company Huettner Capital. “The hassles and costs of short-term … [Read more...]

It’s About to Become Easier to Qualify for a Mortgage—Here’s Why

We're living in expensive times—when a bottle of fresh juice can run you $5, rents and home prices are soaring, and the bills never seem to stop piling up. But aspiring homeowners might soon get a break as it becomes a little easier for those with student, credit card, and car loan debt … [Read more...]

5 Genius landscaping tricks that will pay off in spades – Video

Check out these great landscaping ideas! 5 Genius landscaping tricks that will pay off in spades … [Read more...]

The Heat Is On: 5 Sizzling Reasons to Buy a Home During Housing’s Hottest Season

The days are getting longer. Ice cream truck jingles echo up and down the block. But the surest sign that summer is here? It just might be those "For Sale" signs popping up like dandelions in your neighborhood. Yep, we're smack dab in the middle of the most popular time of the year to buy and … [Read more...]

First-Time Buyers Face New Competition

Investors are scouring real estate markets looking for low-priced homes, and they’re increasingly stepping on the toes of first-time home buyers, who are hunting in the same price range. “The investor is starting to gobble up pretty much anything under $200,000,” Dennis Cisterna, chief revenue … [Read more...]

Decor that Adds Value to Homes

A home's price is based on many factors that can’t be changed, such as location, square footage, and age. While these fixed factors may seem like an end-all-be-all, you can present your client’s home in other ways that may add perceived value for buyers. A full overhaul or shiny new kitchen … [Read more...]


Air Conditioner Issues Q: The second story of my house is much warmer in the summer months than the lower level. Why is this, and what can I do to reduce the temperature difference between the upstairs and downstairs? Cooling the upstairs of a home can be difficult — especially if the HVAC air … [Read more...]

6 Shocking Money Pits Hiding in Your Home

When people refer to their homes as "money pits," it generally conjures up stark and terrifying images of a huge chasm in the floor, sucking down dollars (thanks, Tom Hanks). And the reality is that the classic big-ticket home problems, such as a faulty foundation or flooding basement, … [Read more...]

8 Rookie Mistakes That Keep People From Selling Their Home

If your home is struggling to catch the eye of a buyer, it could be for an entirely valid reason. Maybe you're stuck in a sluggish market or have the poshest place on the block (always a tough sell). But there's another possibility, too—your home could be sitting on the market because … [Read more...]

Utilities Add 25% to Homeownership Costs

There’s a reason utility bills feel like they’re taking a bigger bite out of households’ budgets. On average, utility costs—electricity natural gas, water, and sewer—add 25 percent to monthly housing costs for homeowners and 21 percent to housing costs for renters, according to a newly … [Read more...]