‘So Why Are You Selling?’ 10 Answers You Should Never Give

Milkos/iStock “Why are you selling your house?” might seem like a perfectly innocent question from home buyers, but watch out—if you're the home seller they're asking, this is one of the diciest questions you can answer. The reason: Pretty much any explanation you give is bound to … [Read more...]

5 Things Buyers Should Never, Ever Say When Closing on a Home

g-stockstudio/iStock By the time home buyers make it to the closing, it’s smooth sailing, right? Wrong. For home buyers, the adage “loose lips sink ships” is pretty darn spot-on as a best strategy at settlement. In fact, “there are things that home buyers could say that could stop the … [Read more...]

How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early, but Why It Might Not Be Wise

marchmeena29/iStock If you're a homeowner, you've likely thought about how to pay off your mortgage early. That bill for your home loan arrives like clockwork every month, so it only makes sense for you to devise a fast and furious plan to pay it off altogether. Imagine the freedom! Because the … [Read more...]

13 Surprising Things in Your House That Are Grossing Out Your Guests

tzahiV/iStock; realtor.com If you're anything like us, you have the best intentions when entertaining. Nothing but the finest European linens for that guest bedroom! Casually arranged trays of Perrier and Voluspa scented candlesat every bedside! A basket of freshly baked muffins each … [Read more...]

5 Housing Trends to Watch for 2018

Home shoppers may have it easier in 2018. Inventory constraints of for-sale homes and rising home prices may finally start to ease next year, according to realtor.com®’s 2018 National Housing Forecast. “Next year will set the stage for a significant inflection point in the housing shortage,” … [Read more...]

New-Home Sales Surge to 10-Year High

Sales of new single-family homes jumped 6.2 percent in October to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 685,000 units, the Commerce Department reported Monday. This marks the highest pace for new-home sales since October 2007. “The October report shows strong sales growth at entry-level price … [Read more...]

Millennials: We Don’t Want to Be Renters

Though many are stuck renting out of financial necessity, millennials show the same desire for homeownership as their parents and grandparents—and traditional suburban properties appeal to them more than renting or buying in cities, Bloomberg reports. Many economists have acknowledged that the … [Read more...]

5 Overlooked Dirt Spots Buyers Will Notice

Make sure your home sellers pay attention to several areas in a home that often go uncleaned but could stand out to potential buyers. Jan M. Dougherty, author of The Lost Art of House Cleaning: A Clean House Is a Happy Home, shared with HouseLogic several spots that homeowners are likely missing, … [Read more...]

The Front Porch Is in Demand

The front porch—a classic feature of American homes—is making a comeback but with a twist. Younger crowds are literally turning porches into stages. “Porchfest” is growing in popularity across the country, in which neighborhood music festivals pop up that are enjoyed from homeowners’ … [Read more...]

5 Holiday Splurges to Avoid If You Hope to Sell Your Home Next Year

elenaleonova/iStock The holidays are officially here—and while  merrymaking and gift shopping are likely top of mind, you may have to keep some of those celebratory urges in check if you're planning to sell your home next year. Why? Because many holiday season activities can come back to … [Read more...]