Preparing the House to Sell

The Exterior

One thing many sellers consider is whether to paint their house prior to sale. When you look at your house from across the street, does it look worn-out and faded? If it does, a paint job may be in order. It is often a very great investment of time, and at minimal cost, spruces up the appearance of a house, potentially adding dollars to offers from potential buyers.

When deciding on a color, it should not be something brash and uncommon, but instead a color that fits well in your neighborhood. Of course, the color also depends on the style of your house too. For some reason, distinctive shades of yellow seem to bring the best response from buyers, whether it is in the trim or the basic color.

Concerning the roof, if you know your roof leaks, definitely repair it before putting a house on the market. If you don’t repair a leaky roof, you are going to have to disclose it and the buyer will likely want a new roof. If you know your roof leaks and you don’t repair it and don’t disclose it, you may hear from the buyer’s lawyer at some point in the future.

Otherwise, you can wait and see what a home inspector reveals if the buyer chooses one. Why spend money unnecessarily on larger repairs if you are not sure they are needed?

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