Reasons Why your House May Not Have Sold Yet

Is price too high: This is the Main reason your house may not be selling. Despite the many memories of raising your family and your personal connection to your (home), buyers don’t have the same attachment. Buyers don’t consider that and will generally not look at over-priced properties. If they do, they will likely make lowers offers. If your home has been on the market for more than 30 days, it’s time to adjust your price.

Nonflexible: You must be ready to show your house any moment. The more buyers who see your home, the better chances it will sell, and even at higher prices.

A bad location or inadequately planned layout: You can’t do much about a small or hilly yard, the blighted home across the street, or the busy intersection or fast road. Your home could be beautiful inside, but outside elements can keep buyers away. Appropriately lowered prices can help attract more potential buyers anyway.

Over personalization in the house: Just because you like the Shag 70’s carpet and psychedelic colors, does not mean buyers will. Stage your home so potential buyers can envision themselves living there with their own families. Neutral colors and décor is best, with the home as de-cluttered as possible. Limit personal and family photos that only scream you. Store personal items and paint rooms’ neutral colors so buyers can imagine themselves in it.

Run down Looking Homes: Water stains on ceilings, tiles or walls, stained cabinets and worn handles, chipped or dirty wall paint, worn and stretched carpet runs, are all detractors. Even with a newer roof, buyers will remember stains and worn areas. Don’t lose potential buyer because they believe many repairs will be required once purchased.

Keep these tips in mind and organize appropriately to sell more quickly and at a higher price.

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