Some tips in How to sell your home quicker

Some tips in How to sell your home quicker

1. Paint your walk way.

A dingy concrete walkway leading to your front door can make a home look more like a commercial space then a welcoming home.  Use a sandy to lighter brown or a warm appealing color.

2. Hiding or moving cars so buyer’s feel at home.

Move your car out of the garage or drive way, or park on the street.  An empty drive way is more inviting to potential buyer.  In addition, put all kids’ toys, yard equipment and hoses, and garbage cans away.  These items scattered around the home may say to potential buyers that “someone else live here, not me.”

3. Spruce up curb appeal.

Paint the exterior in combinations of three colors such as one for the main structure, another for shutters or exterior sills, and the last for doors.  It will give your home better depth and more appeal.  Use planters if shutters are unavailable, with seasonal greens such as mums.

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