4 Reasons to Buy BEFORE Winter Hits

It's that time of year; the seasons are changing and with them bring thoughts of the upcoming holidays, family get-togethers, and planning for a new year. Those who are on the fence about whether now is the right time to buy don't have to look much farther to find four great reasons to consider … [Read more...]

Things to do before buying a house via Pinterest

10 Things you should check before buying that house. http://pinterest.com/pin/36169603234581780/ … [Read more...]

Study: Home Ownership Linked to Happiness

Let #bobwert #remax Help You Find #therighthome Home ownership can lead to higher levels of well-being, according to data from the OECD Better Life Index, which gauges the quality of life worldwide by factoring in such things like housing, jobs, civic engagement, health and safety. Read more: … [Read more...]

High Rents, Low Rates Top Draws to Owning a Home

Sixty-two percent of potential home buyers say that now is a better time to purchase a home than it was a year ago, according to Chase's new national survey, "Insights From the Mind of the Homebuyer." The top reasons that are motivating more Americans to get off the fence are rising rental costs and … [Read more...]

Ideas for the home – ways to decorate your bathroom via Pinterest

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Selling Your House? Price it Right Up Front

In today’s market, where demand is outpacing supply in many regions of the country, pricing a house is one of the biggest challenges real estate professionals face. Sellers often want to price their home higher than recommended, and many agents go along with the idea to keep their clients happy. … [Read more...]

Homeownership is the “American Dream” for a Reason

Let #bobwert #remax Help You Find #therighthome There have been some who have voiced doubt as to whether or not the younger generations still consider buying a home as being part of the “American Dream”. A recent study by Merrill Lynch puts that doubt to rest. According to their research, … [Read more...]

Considering selling your home – Why it’s Important to use an Agent

Let #bobwert #remax Help You Find #therighthome #lebanoncountypa #berkscountypa #schuylkillcountypa #dauphincountypa When a homeowner decides to sell their house, they obviously want the best possible price with the least amount of hassles. However, for the vast majority of sellers, the most … [Read more...]

A Home Owner’s Net worth is 36 times greater than a Renter

Let #bobwert #remax Help You Find #therighthome Over the last six years, homeownership has lost some of its allure as a financial investment. As homeowners suffered through the housing bust, more and more began to question whether owning a home was truly a good way to build wealth. Every three … [Read more...]

30 Beautiful Home Bar Ideas, Furniture and Decorating via Pineterest

Let #bobwert #remax Help You Find #therighthome Home bar designs offer great pleasure and a stylish way to entertain at home. Home bar designs add values to homes and beautify the game room and basement living spaces. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/316800155013577649/ … [Read more...]