Should I Rent My House if I Can’t Sell It?

There has been a lot written about how buying a home is less expensive than renting one in most parts of the country. Rents are skyrocketing and homes are still at great prices. These two situations are also causing some sellers to consider renting their home instead of selling it. After all, a … [Read more...]

More People confident about buying a home

Last week, Fannie Mae released their January 2014 National Housing Survey results.  Two categories reported all-time survey highs. 52% of respondents thought it would be easy for them to get a home mortgage today          70% of respondents said they would buy if they were going to … [Read more...]

Foreclosed Home Owners Return to Market

According to a poll of 140,000 members, boomerang buyers – who were ousted from the housing market due to foreclosures or short sales, spent years renting to rebuild their credit, and have saved enough to buy again – are now expected to help turn the real estate market … [Read more...]

Chinese Buyers Are Coming to America

Chinese buyers are increasingly looking to U.S. real estate -- and California in particular -- as they pay all cash for homes and plan to use their homes as a “safe haven for their wealth,” CNBC reports. Some are buying multiple homes as investments, while others are finding homes to move … [Read more...]

Home Ownerships Impact on Networth

Over the last five years, homeownership has lost some of its allure as a financial investment. As homeowners suffered through the housing bust, more and more began to question whether owning a home was truly a good way to build wealth. A recent study by the Federal Reserve formally answered this … [Read more...]

10 Most Energy-Efficient Cities in America

Boston is America’s most energy-efficient city, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. ACEE ranked the nation’s 34 largest cities based on their efforts to promote energy efficiency through their buildings, transportation, energy and water utility, local government … [Read more...]

Wealthy pick Real Estate over Stock Market

We are taught from birth that the quickest way to achieve a goal is to seek out those who have already accomplished the goal and do what they do. Interested in creating wealth? It seems the wealthy trust real estate as an investment before even the stock market. A recent survey revealed that 75 … [Read more...]

August Existing-Home Sales Rise, Limited Inventory Continues to Push Prices

Existing-home sales increased in August and reached the highest level in six-and-a-half years, while the median price shows nine consecutive months of double-digit year-over-year increases, according to the National Association of Realtors®.   NAR’s chief economist said the market may … [Read more...]

Buying that First Home, consider a few important details

Evaluating your credit position Credit is one of the biggest matters to concentrate on before jumping into the real estate world. With solid credit, it can really help you financially when buying a home, but with mediocre credit, you may want to postpone that decision for several months to work on … [Read more...]

Statement From NAR President Gary Thomas on Qualified Residential Mortgage Rule

The following is a statement by National Association of Realtors® President Gary Thomas: "The re-proposed Qualified Residential Mortgage rule announced this morning is a victory for homebuyers and the future of homeownership in this country. This version of the QRM rule will give creditworthy … [Read more...]