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When Home Mortgage Rates Rise…

Mortgage rates have hovered around yearly lows for weeks. But with rate-hike forecasts looming, can buyers count on borrowing costs to stay low? Many economists are now predicting the average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage to reach 5 percent by the middle of the next year, The New York Times … [Read more...]

Buying Frenzy Starting to Cool?

Bidding wars in recent months have fueled large gains in home values in some parts of the country, particularly states like California, Arizona, and Nevada. But bidding wars and the buying frenzy from a few months ago are showing signs of cooling, at a time when housing affordability has been … [Read more...]

Interest Rate Impact on Mortgages

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Should a Buyer Increase An offer

Limited inventory and a very strong demand for housing has created an environment where bidding wars are commonplace in today’s real estate market. Homes priced properly are getting multiple offers within a short time of coming to market. This brings about a dilemma for the agent: How should they … [Read more...]

Home Price Indicies

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Appreciation, by state

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Regional Home Price Changes over 2012

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