Taking care of Your Clutter Zones

Stow away that pizza rolling slicing thing and all those other items you bought for less than $5.99 that you just knew you would always use and put them in storage. Whenever you use one of the items, put it back in the drawer. At the end of the month, with the exception of the turkey baster, whatever is still in the cardboard box you’ve got to ask yourself, Will I ever use these again?

Most people wear 20 percent of their clothes 80 percent of the time. Which means the vast majority of your closet is filled with, you are correct, clutter. Take everything on a clothes hanger and turn it around back-to-front. For the next three to six months, you decide, every time you wear something hang it back the correct way after you launder it. Anything still hanging back-to-front, then ask yourself, will I ever wear this item again? It’s an efficient, non-traumatic way to see what you wear and what you don’t.

Divide your garage into clear zones. One area should be used for gardening equipment, one area for holiday decorations, one area for luggage, one area for tools, etc.  Establishing zones is a great way of keeping the place organized and the volume of stuff in control.

Put the holiday decorations zone is three shelves that will hold two plastic totes each and that’s the limit for holiday decorations. Once they expand beyond six totes, you have to do some purging and discarding.

De-cluttering is a great way save space and to see more space in your home.  Potential buyers do not want to see cluttered homes and less cluttered home give the appearance of more space.  So go ahead and de-clutter all your rooms, drawers, closets, etc. to prepare for your sale!

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