The Benefits of Owning a Home

Homeownership is an investment in your future. It provides security and shelter, fosters involvement in community, and provides important economic and social benefits.

Homeowners are more likely to vote and volunteer time for political and charitable causes then renters are.

Home Owners move less frequently than renters, providing more family stability. As a result, involvement in community, as well as quality of life issues helps prevent crime, improve childhood education, and supports neighborhood upkeep.

Homeowners typically reside in their home around 6 years.

Homeowners benefit from the power of leverage. Over 10 years a $10,000 investment in the stock market at a normal 10% market rate of return would return a yield of around $23,600,  The same investment as a down payment on a $200,000 home, at normal appreciation rates of around 5%, would return nearly 5 times the stock market or around $110,300 dollars.

Time to invest in a home and yours and your families future?

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