The Importance of Involving a lender in the Home Selling Process

Home financing is the most important part in getting a home sold. Whether it providing marketing flyers,  distinctive mortgaging approaches,  or even loan programs that set apart your home (e.g., renovation loans), a good lender will help increase the number of people that your home could be a fit for. Obviously, the more prospects that can benefit, equals potentially higher sales prices.

Lender can screen potential buyers. With the changing lending landscape and requirements, a good lender would be on top of current guidelines and finding the best solutions for prospective buyers. A seller should know that when they accept an offer, the buyer can actually close.

Professional lenders can be educators in the process. For example, some lenders offer webinars on topics such as “How a Lender Looks at a Mortgage Application,”  “Renovation Lending,” and also “Getting Your Optimal Credit Scores.”   In addition they might offer videos that explain Good Faith Estimates. The best endeavor to be a resource for everyone in the home selling and buying process.

Finally, not only will they run your credit score and analyze your incomes, but they also pre-approve buyers and seller for the next mortgage, usually free of charge.

Utilize your Real Estate agent and Lender as a team that are dedicated to the home selling and buying process.  You will be glad you did!

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