Tips to Save on your Electric Bill

With increasing costs of energy, it makes sense to review areas where you can cut energy consumption around your home.

Look after your heating and cooling systems. The energy used to heat or air condition a home can account for more than half of a home’s energy bill. Have your heating and cooling systems professionally maintained each year. Consider if needed the savings by installing a new higher efficiency system. Installing a high efficiency heat pump may cut the amount of electricity used for heating and cooling by as much as 40 percent.

Look around your home for air leaks. You could save 10 percent or more on your energy bill by reducing air leaks around your home. On a windy day, cautiously run a lighter or smoke stick around windows and door joints.  If the smoke or flame moves towards or away from the source, a leak may be indicated that needs sealing.

Make use of bath, kitchen, and other ventilating systems sensibly. In only one hour, these fan systems can pull out a houseful of warm air. Turn fans off as soon as possible after use.

Close down fireplace dampers when not in use. A chimney is designed only for smoke to flow out. So close it when not in use.

Alter drapes and blinds during winter days to allow sunlight in to help naturally heat your home, and close them at night to reduce cold air infiltration. Of course during summer months, do the opposite.

Switch off any energy users not used. Although small household appliances do not use a whole lot of energy, they do add up in the end.

Additional information on home energy use and conservation tips available at the U.S. Department of Energy web site.

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