Tips to Showcase your Garage

Here are a few tips to help set the stage and showcase this all important room of the house.

Keep it looking organized – Hang an inexpensive pegboard on the wall to hang up gardening and workshop tools. It will help keep the garage looking neat, clean, and organized.

Pack unneeded belongings  – Try not to use the garage as a storage facility. If there’s too much stuff it will be a turn off, because most buyers can’t visualize how to use the space. If at all possible, rent a storage unit on a short-term basis to keep any unneeded belongings. The unit can also be used to store other items that should be packed away.

Have a clean garage floor – Make sure the floor is swept and if there are oil stains on the floor, remove them as best as possible with a TSP solution. Or roll a concrete sealer onto the floor, followed by a primer and a top coat. It’s a bit more work, but it shows you care about your house.  

Separate out an area for a workshop – If you have a double car garage set up a portion of it to be a workshop. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Even a set of saw horses underneath a piece of 3/4 inch plywood can serve as a good work area.

Have good lighting in the garage – This is especially important if there is a workshop in there. It’s easy to add, just buy a three pronged fluorescent light fixture, hang it from chains and plug it into the ceiling receptacle socket and that’s it.

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