Ways to Increase Your Home’s Market Value

Timely home maintenance is important to creating and preserving a home’s basic value. In addition, it also impresses potential buyers.Here are some basic steps that every home owner should undertake before spending money on large remodeling projects.

Ensure and check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are installed and are functional. Check fuel burning appliances to make sure they are properly vented with no gas connection leaks. Make sure your electrical system is adequate for your homes requirements and is not over loaded. Flickering lights and popping breakers are the sign of overloads or problems. Anchor hand rails, grab bars and porch rails, etc. appropriately.

Preventive Maintenance.
Repair leaks in the roof, seal gaps in siding, paint bare wood, replace damaged decking, patch cracks in concrete, and caulk around tubs, sinks and showers.

Conserve energy.
Install programmable thermostats, weather-stripping on doors and windows, fix leaking faucets, upgrade insulation, and replace leaky windows if needed.

Go green.
Consider using environmentally friendly materials for windows, doors, siding, decking, fencing, roofing, flooring, and insulation.

Improve home comfort.
De-clutter areas, open up spaces, update window treatments to allow in extra light, and organize closets and storage spaces. De-cluttering also gives the appearance of more useable square feet and space.

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