Your House Is Not Selling?

Most sellers don’t understand the longer it takes to sell their house, the less money they will get for it in the end when it does. Get the right information you need up front to make wise decisions and make them quickly.

Realtors who have shown you home can provide great feedback. Many times they give vital information about what it takes to get your house sold.  It is important to find out what a buyer thought, it’s more important to get the showing agents impressions. If the problems agents are focused on the houses location, reducing the asking price may be essential to get the home sold. If a showing agent mentions home improvements that are needed, have them accomplished as quickly as possible.

Discuss with your agent a strategy.

Your real estate professional may have already done all they could do to get your home sold, so try to find that out before extending the listing agreement. Real Estate marketing is different today than it was a few years ago. Realtors have not figured out how to cope with the new realities of what today’s buyers look for in a home. For instance, it is most important, if you hope to get your home sold quicker and for a better price, to have your home marketed well on the internet sites.

Consider that not all Realtors are the same. Interview at least three agents before signing a listing agreement. At least one of the Realtors you interview should be listed on the first or second page of a Google Search if you type in for example, “Homes for sale, insert your county or city” because that Realtor is paying attention where the home buyers are looking first and foremost, the net.


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